Your Inner Heart Sparkles in the Cosmic Spotlight

As we open into the mouth of the Lion at the dark of the Moon, summer blazes as the Sun begins her saunter through Leo. With two glorious Leo New Moons this time around, we’ll have two opportunities to plant seeds of joy, to cultivate our spirits and seize the cosmic spotlight. We’re through the portal into Leo as of yesterday, with the first Leo New Moon opening her jaws last night and the second bringing a historical total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017.

Leo’s dancing partner and counterpoint is always Aquarius, and August 7th brings an Aquarius Full Moon, aligned with the Lunar Nodes, our collective and karmic north/south. With so many cosmic fireworks on display for us now, we have the chance to sway between Leo and Aquarius, knowing that whatever we put into motion in our lives at this time is bound to carry a longterm impact.

All this cosmic action while the heavens sparkle with meteor showers throughout Leo season. Gorgeous!

In astrological tradition, the sign of Leo “rules” the heart and carries the archetypes of creativity, children, expression, joy and royalty. And so, in the time of Leo we are influenced to honor our hearts and listen to the call and the hunger emanating from within.

Whether we take the stage to bask in the glory of a kindred audience, add fuel to our conception of sacred community, or rejoice with the family we’re creating, Leo compels us to cultivate our sense of personal dignity, to do whatever it takes to express ourselves freely, and to delight in the warmth and abundance of summer with the ones we love.

In Evolutionary Astrology, we always ask questions that help us align with the energy we have to work with, questions that help us respond to the gifts and challenges of the times with the fulfillment of integration. Depending on your birth chart, the influence of Leo may have more or less personal impact, but the energy is here for the collective to work with, as we move forward together in our humanity.

In this time of Leo I’m drawn to ask myself: Am I listening to the call of truth from inside my heart? Is the song of my heart being heard? What brings me childlike joy? What makes me feel so natural and alive in my own skin that I feel regal? What can I create that fulfills me and feeds my community?

In my own recent inner wandering and healing, I have been meditating upon my heart, talking to my heart, listening to my heart, and re-nurturing my heart. As hard or strange or foreign or silly as it might sound to do, I have been rebelling against my conditioned cynicism, and instead, putting my hands on my heart to send myself the love and tenderness I would give a small and precious child.

In a time that’s so cluttered with the abuse of power, stale hatred and confusion, is this the revolution? How can I hate you if I truly know and love myself? How can I harm humanity when I’m committed to the humane and honest treatment of myself and the ones I love?

One astrologer I follow, Eric Francis recently suggested that we’re in a time of “Involution,” a simple and profound play on words that carries Gandhi’s famous suggestion: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Can we really show up like that without a profound and deep sense of self-love and self-belonging?

Another resource currently on my digital bookshelf, is a spiritual self-help book by Matt Kahn, which contains the whole masterpiece of this kind of self-love effort in its title, “Whatever Arises, Love That.” Joy, sorrow, judgement or praise, can I love and accept everything that arises from within myself?

As always, in the wisdom of Evolutionary Astrology, we aim to avoid slipping into the shadows, by understanding the energetic pitfalls of each sign. It’s worth pointing out that the challenges of Aquarius, are fragmentation, loss of personal coherency and a general sense of dissociation and alienation. We can see how this kind of pain may be the result of a lack of self-love and self-acceptance, the abuse of manipulation, as well as a lack of caring inquiry from outside ourselves, asking us “who are you?”

We might ask ourselves: How can I give love and acceptance to myself and others, despite any painful conditioning that would have me do otherwise? Do I have a connection to the divine to help me accomplish this?

And, on the other hand, while we strive for our boldest and highest expression and seek adoration, how can we maintain a balanced awareness of others so we don’t slip on the banana peel of Leo’s shadow in the form of narcissism and delusions of grandeur?

Jason Holley lectures profoundly on the Leo/Aquarius polarity in a 75 minute 2015 lecture entitled, “Aquarius/Leo: Fragmentation and Wholeness.” You can find this lecture and more information about his work here:

It has been said that: “the longest journey is from your head to your heart.” I think most of us can feel the truth in that. Maybe we know what it’s like to live in one place, but not the other. But to integrate both rational and intuitive wisdom into an operational piston of awareness, well that’s the work of “involution” and the goal of Evolutionary Astrology.

As we continue to turn to reason and understanding as well-known sources of strength and protection, perhaps we can also continue to discover and cultivate another ally, our own hearts. In this time of Leo the Lion, can we listen to the guidance of our intuition and the wisdom of our instincts? Can we savor the magic of feeding a heart-hunger we don’t need to understand? Can we let ourselves feel pure and simple joy?

I’ve just finished reading Don Miguel Ruiz’s “The Mastery of Love,” and he writes on page 190, words that speak to me as a supreme Leonian Truth to carry in our hearts and minds now and into the future: “The heart is in direct communion with the human soul, and when the heart speaks, even with the resistance of the head, something inside you changes; your heart opens another heart, and true love is possible.”

With so many energetic portals hovering in the symbolic neighborhood of Leo, see if you can heed the call and open your heart to your inner heart. Go where the love is! Listen for the sources of joy leading you to your truth. Set yourself free and be wild!

And, ask yourself, or sing along if you love Fleetwood Mac like I do, “Can the child within my heart rise above?” - Stevie Nicks ‘Landslide’

And lastly, I must always give credit to my primary astrological teachers; my dear father, Robert P. Blaschke, and my revered mentor, Steven Forrest… “‘cause part of you pours out of me in these lines from time to time.” - Joni Mitchell ‘A Case of You’

With love from my inner heart,

Amy Blaschke

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