The Future is Here - Aquarius New Moon January 27th, 2017

The future is here. This Friday brings the New Moon in Aquarius, the sign of the Rebel, the Genius and the Criminal. When do we need to stand alone? When do we need to stand together? What are you doing today to build your hopes and dreams for the future? Will the real you please stand up?

For some time now we have been feeling the effects of Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries, a tug of consciousness asking us, "how can I maintain peace and be true to myself at the same time"? Or, maybe you’re wondering if relationships in your life are founded on relating to your authentic self. What about fairness? Are the dynamics you experience with people in your daily life feeling equal?

One sign over in the zodiac from the Aquarius New Moon and not so subtly in the background, we find many planets stacked together in Pisces. There's the lasting placement of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, bringing ongoing lessons of compassion and sensitization, and the temporary passing of Mars and Venus through Pisces. Mars is subjectively expressive and Venus subjectively receptive. In Pisces, we are being asked to transcend ourselves and attune to the collective. In this case, Venus standing together with Mars in Pisces may be a uniting message, reminding us to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

Pisces is the final sign, representing the dissolution into transcendence, and sometimes we experience loss and confusion along the way. Where is it safe for you to be sensitive? Where do you need to let go? How can you surrender to the greater good? You may feel like you're hyper-tuned to the intentions of others at this time, especially if Pisces plays a strong roll in your birthchart. Where in your life do you need to shore up your boundaries, get off the cross and walk away with compassion? Suffering and loss can teach us a lot, but we must not lose ourselves amidst the pain of the collective or even those closest to us. Everyone is needed to help build the future.

Now, we don’t have to look far to see the political tide swelling up arounds us. People are truly inspired and truly fed up. Shouldn’t Peace and Equality be universal truths by now? Haven’t we learned? The pattern of the sky at this New Moon may also be challenging you to stand up for yourself in some area of your life. Aren’t you inspired? How have you been underestimating your claim to equality? Is it something subtle? Is it something huge and a long time coming? Where do you need to stand up for yourself and break free from expectations and social conditioning?

Uranus asks you to wake up and smell your identity. Can you feel it, the surge of energy pulling you in the direction of your higher self? Follow the energy. Trust the energy. If you listen and take action you will welcome the winds of change and the spark of exhilaration. If you resist you may find yourself experiencing the pain of shock or unexpected drama. Uranus is associated with the sign Aquarius, so this New Moon is supercharged with personal truth and the promise of something new.

Find your independence. Find your community. Build your hopes and dreams. Lean into the winds of change. The future is here.

See here now, and walk in peace and truth.

With love,

Amy Blaschke

From left to right:

Albert Einstein - Jupiter opposite Uranus - March 14, 1879, 11:30 AM, Ulm Germany;

John Lennon - Moon in Aquarius - October 9, 1940, 6:30 PM, Liverpool United Kingdom;

Bjork - Uranus on the Midheaven - November 21, 1965, 7:50 AM, Reykjavik Iceland;

Angela Davis - Aquarius Sun & Moon - January 26, 1944, 12:30 PM, Birmingham, AL;

David Bowie - Aquarius Rising - January 8, 1947, 9:00 AM Brixton, United Kingdom;

Rosa Parks - Sun, Mercury, Uranus in Aquarius - February 4, 1913, 5:12 AM Tuskegee, AL

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