Evolutionary Astrology Readings

To book an Evolutionary Astrology Reading please email me directly at accrosstheskyastrology@gmail.com

I offer in-person readings in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California; remote readings via Skype; OR a recorded reading sent to you, available in mp3 or CD formats.

Natal Birthchart Reading
1 hr 30 min | $175.00

A snapshot of the heavens at the time of your birth, the elements of your birthchart contain an infinite map of your life's potential. Learn about your core identity as described by your primal triad (Sun, Moon and Ascendant). Learn about your karma as described by your nodal story. Learn about the questions and suggestions contained in your birthchart as a whole. Knowledge is power, and a Natal Birthchart Reading arms you with new knowledge and understanding about yourself to empower your choices today. 

Transits & Progressions Reading
1 hr | $125.00

Do you need help identifying the outer forces impacting your life today? The planets keep moving after you're born, and a Transits & Progressions Reading explores the themes and influences you're experiencing presently, as well as those in the recent past and near future. Everything in your life comes down to the questions and suggestions contained in your birthchart, so a Natal Birthchart Reading is required before a Transits & Progressions Reading.

Natal + Here & Now Reading
2 hr $225

Discover your birthchart as well as the current planetary influences at play in your life today. "Natal + Here & Now" combines a Natal Birthchart Reading with about 30 minutes dedicated to your transits and progressions. Uncover your timeless karmic story amidst the planets of today!

Double Star Relationship Reading
2 hr $225

Discover the relationship potential between two people with the help of Evolutionary Astrology. Be it in Romance, finance or family, synastry is the art of understanding the compatibility between two people as described by the astrological interactions between their birthcharts, as well as understanding the new composite chart that is created by the relationship. What is the karmic purpose of your union? What are you trying to learn by coming together? These are the questions we will consider.

Intuitive Spot Check Reading
1 hr $100

Do you need some immediate counsel? The Intuitive Spot Check Reading may be just the thing you need to get you back on track. A blend of your current astrological transits with a three-card tarot spread, this spot check reading can help bring clarity about the current outside forces acting upon your consciousness, as well as help you reunite with your intuition and inner guidance. I offer this one hour reading for returning clients.