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Sessions with Amy are currently available by phone, or remotely via Skype or Zoom.

Rates: $100 per hour or $65 for 30 minutes.

Astrology is an ancient tool for cosmic guidance, a map of your consciousness, a language of life that can connect you to and educate you about the inner and outer forces operating in your life. However you relate to these forces, astrology offers symbolic insight and observational wisdom to help you integrate and deepen into the experiences you're having and the changes you're going through. I offer you my support and insight as we explore, witness, honor and welcome your deepening potential into being.​


Let me be your Cosmic Confidante & Intuitive Astrological Guide.​​

Change is inevitable. Transformation is an invitation.

May life always lead you deeper into your authenticity. 

Amy Blaschke is a second generation astrologer, daughter of Robert P. Blaschke (Earthwalk School Of Astrology); counselor, teacher, speaker and author of the Astrology: A Language of Life series. Beginning with the seeds of engaging conversation planted by her father, Amy's practice of astrology has grown to include evolutionary, esoteric, psychological, archetypal and spiritual perspectives. 

An artist to her core, Amy is also a designer and singer/songwriter.

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Disclaimer: All astrological guidance, observations and suggestions given in-person, over the phone or via Skype are for entertainment purposes only. Astrology is not an exact science and is in no way offered as a substitute for psychological, medical, legal, financial or other professional advice. If in need, please seek professional help for these matters.

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