Change is inevitable. Transformation is an invitation. 

Let me be your Cosmic Confidante & Intuitive Astrological Guide.

I offer you my support and insight as we explore, witness, honor and welcome your deepening potential into being.

Astrology is an ancient tool for cosmic guidance, a map of your consciousness, a language of life that can connect you to and educate you about the inner and outer forces operating in your life. However you relate to these forces, astrology offers symbolic insight and observational wisdom to help you integrate and deepen into the experiences you're having and the changes you're going through.

There are many ways to practice astrology, and the approach I take is more intuitive and interactive than predictive and technical. 


I can be your guide, your map-reader, a cosmic confidante to help you align with your highest knowing.

Nobody knows you better than you do. Your freewill and consciousness are at the helm of your life, but the lessons and themes you're experiencing are not random. An intuitive astrological guidance session can help you connect with your lifelong archetypal themes and developmental timeline, as well as the larger planetary forces at play in your personal life and collective experience right now. 

Let me help you feel the path beneath your feet.


Together we will consider your journey and any major themes you would like to discuss with the help of your birthchart. My aim is to help you align your creative freewill with the outer forces shaping your life and identity today. 


I convey my astrological insights through evolutionary, esoteric, psychological, spiritual and archetypal language. These lenses have brought me the most understanding, help, healing and empowerment on my own journey with astrology, so I offer it back to you. 

There is a peace and empowerment that comes from considering the big picture and understanding how the pieces of your life experience fit together. 

May your transformation always lead you deeper into your authenticity. And, may each moment reveal new truth and new potential. Wishing you the joy of self-discovery, deep soul healing, and a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

"How long have I been sleeping? [...] in the bed where we both lie, late for the sky."

Jackson Browne

"You only live twice or so it seems, one life for yourself and one for your dreams."

Nancy Sinatra

"I've looked at clouds from both sides now."

- Joni Mitchell 

"I'm going through changes."

- Ozzy Osbourne

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